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Fazil Say Fan Redesign

Fazil Say Fansite Redesign

Cheers Fazil Say Fans! It has been many months since I published an article, but not because I don’t still love Fazil Say and his…

Spring In Heidelberg | Fazil Say Fan

Review: Spring in Heidelberg

At 6:45pm two of the so-called „Classic Scouts“ (young enthusiastic people and musical first timers) of the „Spríng in Heidelberg“-organisation gave a short introduction to the following…

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Fazil Say at Zorlu Center

This is a critical, although I think sincere, review of Fazil Say’s performance at Zorlu Center in Istanbul on November 1st. As classical music fans, I’ll argue that we’ve heard our favorite pieces played very specifically for many, many years. So I’ll give Alain Matalon the benefit of the doubt that Say’s interpretation simply was not how he is used to hearing these pieces played. And that, my friends, is the beauty of hearing new people interpret old music.

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‘Universe’ Symphony No. 3 on October 7th

Fazil Say’s Symphony No. 3 Universe makes its premiere in Salzburg, Austria in just three days on October 7th. The Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg will have an evening talk with Fazil Say tonight that is free to members (5 € for guests) where they will discuss Universe and Say’s career as a famous Turkish musician and pianist. The conversation promises to include “many musical examples which document the artistic work of Fazil Say between Mozart, contemporary music, jazz and Turkish tradition.”

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Newest Compositions

Gezi Park | Fazil Say Fan

One Concerto for Two Pianos Op 48, “Gezi Park”

Space Jump | Fazil Say Fan

Trio for Piano, Violin, and Cello Op 46, “Space Jump”

Water | Fazil Say Fan

Piano Concerto Op 45, “Water”